from by Tamara Sandor




Smell of earth,
soil upturned
I wrote you a letter
bright and sharp as a spade
and you answered
from the grave
You said “Yeah,
we should’ve fucked when we had the chance”

We met at his last party
sonny_boy has one new friend
Such an end could not be imagined there,
No kind of end for a gentleman satyr,
with his love for the ladies.
Not in front of the ladies!

I’ve been waitin
I’ve been waitin for this
For this curse,
for this curse to lift

Old Elijah, callin me out,
smellin of hickory and trout
Old Elijah, callin me out,
smellin of hickory and trout...

The chick cocked her head,
said “baby count to ten,”
and disappeared into the morning

Back safe in bed,
she counted up the cash,
happy it happened and
happy to get out while she still can,
Thinkin she’s winnin, thinkin she was winnin,
Havin it both ways, havin it both ways,
Like a queen, like a queen...


from Tynes, released April 19, 2016
tamara sandor - guitar and voice
jon crellin - drums
patrick latreille - bass
tim crabtree - guitar



all rights reserved


Tamara Sandor Montreal, Québec

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