A Thousand Holes

from by Tamara Sandor



a thousand holes

there’s a thousand holes to hide in
there’s a thousand holes to fall through
I’ve been in a few of ‘em
you have too

there’s a thousand reasons to say no
there’s a thousand reasons to stay in
you ask me why I say these things
it’s so you know

remember when I was alone
sitting in the snake pit, becoming stone
remember when I came unstrung
walked down the street,
felt naught but heated
spit of lashing foreign tongues

there are times
we’ve ground
such fresh-laid soil into a mound
with toes and fled

but we got songs
for when the time comes
to remind us
to forget

so baby let’s relent,
caress the surfaces,
encourage this
perfect and proverbial body
to rise and set

I learned that falling stars
favour wishes washed-out and inarticulate
I hope we go pretty far
I hope we get to the fruit of it


from Tynes, released April 19, 2016
tamara sandor - guitar and voice
daniel gélinas - drums
patrick latreille - bass
shaun weadick - guitar
patrick cruvellier - violin
sebastian chow - violin
gregory burton - string arrangement



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Tamara Sandor Montreal, Québec

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