A Date

from by Tamara Sandor



A Date

We made a date
to dance along the floor of the sea
to hold hands in the soft, molten heat
where all lines meet

We rode along
astride horses
whose senses
were gone

We watched the gathering armies
We skipped off
and ripped off
the country
To live in the trees


“Carry it off,
light as a cloth
of Egyptian blue”

That’s what the god
of terror and love
told me to do

I know the light splits and frays
And flesh turns to fresh, cold clay
But losing everything, my king, is ok


We showed up late,
de-clawed, mottled and grey,
ate some remainder of cake
and called it a day

We built a nest of blackness
where nothing can bleed
But I have not yet finished falling
down on my knees


from Tynes, released April 19, 2016
tamara sandor - guitar and voice
daniel gélinas - drums
patrick latreille - bass
craig pedersen - trumpet
patrick cruvellier - violin
sebastian chow - violin
gregory burton - piano, string arrangement
chuck bronson - voice
david lacalamita - voice
brendan birkett - voice



all rights reserved


Tamara Sandor Montreal, Québec

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